Fall in Miami

Living, working and even visiting Miami has its advantages. The incredible weather, warm sunshine and tropical breezes make Florida the envy of the world. This is especially true when everyone else is enduring another cold and calamity filled winter season. If you’re a woman who takes on life with a fashion-first attitude, then living in Miami is also your best friend. Let your sisters up North struggle to pile on layer after layer of itchy...
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Bringing Back The ’90s

Ah the 90’s, quite possibly my favorite fashion era ever! Granted, in 1990 I was only 8 years old, but transitioning from EG socks and shoulder pads to velvet leggings and crop tops was easy to do, especially with Jennifer Love Hewitt rocking the latest ’90s trends on the cover of Teen Beat. The early ’90s were the days of teen spirit, punk rock bands and flannel. No wonder the ’90s are back and bigger...
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