Fall in Miami

Living, working and even visiting Miami has its advantages. The incredible weather, warm sunshine and tropical breezes make Florida the envy of the world. This is especially true when everyone else is enduring another cold and calamity filled winter season. If you’re a woman who takes on life with a fashion-first attitude, then living in Miami is also your best friend.

Let your sisters up North struggle to pile on layer after layer of itchy sweaters. All you have to do is slip on your coolest outfit, accessorize it with just the right jewelry and grab your handbag on the way out the door. Or if you’re feeling a tad casual, make it a frilly crop top and short shorts type of day. Just don’t forget to wear your shades so the sun doesn’t get in your eyes when meeting friends or dining alfresco.


For a great look that transcends both daytime and nighttime activities, let a comfortable pair of leggings to come to your rescue. Begin with a pair of Faux Alligator Embossed Leggings ($68.00.) They’re black, sleek and incredibly slimming. Pair these leggings with a top that adds to your allure. The Endless Rose crop top works beautifully here ($75.00.) Styled with romantic scalloped edges, this hunter green top knows how to confidently hug your shoulders.endless-rose-hunter3

As you plan your ensemble, be sure not to scrimp on your sunglasses. Keeping your eyes well protected from the sun is not just necessary for good life long vision, but fine fashion too. Luckily this is easy to do when you’re wearing your Quay Sunglasses ($50.)quay-every-little-thing

Have a formal event to attend or a romantic evening coming up soon? Then don’t hesitate to wow in an absolutely luxurious Amelie Lipstick Off the Shoulder Dress ($264.) While the gals up north are struggling to put on their winter boots, all you’ll need to put on is your favorite designer heels and bag and head out the door.amelie-lipstick-off-the-sho

Because the lively Miami lifestyle demands that you bring a few things with you as you hop out the door, take along our Hamsa Black Tote ($89.) Created in Eco-friendly Jute in Black with Beige, not only will you have protection but plenty of room for your camera, lipstick and incidentals. No need for woolen mittens please, after all we’re in Florida.Hamsa-Black-Tote