Bringing Back The ’90s

Velvet ClothingAh the 90’s, quite possibly my favorite fashion era ever! Granted, in 1990 I was only 8 years old, but transitioning from EG socks and shoulder pads to velvet leggings and crop tops was easy to do, especially with Jennifer Love Hewitt rocking the latest ’90s trends on the cover of Teen Beat.

The early ’90s were the days of teen spirit, punk rock bands and flannel. No wonder the ’90s are back and bigger than ever! The fashion was so dark and edgy, like nothing seen before in youth culture. It was totally normal to see goth girls wearing long velvet gowns to third period. Teens were getting their inspiration from Courtney Love and Claire Danes on My So-Called Life, and velvet dresses were suddenly all the rage. Flannel shirts and safety pin earrings (yes, real safety pins!) were de rigeur. We would sneak out to see an Offspring concert or just hang out at the mall all day. Fashion and music drew from each other as they always had, but in the ’90s it became much easier to find and afford the exact brands that our favorites were wearing. Kurt Cobain wore real flannel work shirts, not an editorialized version of the real thing. He didn’t shop designer labels, and neither did we.

Labradorite-Moonstone-ChokeWhy Velvet Clothing?

Lets talk about this soft, fluffy fabric for a moment shall we? It lends itself to a variety of different looks and vibes. It’s super thick and warm, making it a great choice for cooler weather and holiday parties. If you don’t like wearing full velvet dresses, try velvet chokers or a velvet skirt. Once you get used to the feel of this fabric, I bet you’ll want to collect more pieces.

Grunge wasn’t the only style in the early ’90s! One majorly huge trend was the sweet nerdy girl in baby doll dresses and cat eye glasses. She would strum her acoustic guitar along to Lisa Loeb and Alannis Morrisette. There was also the sexy schoolgirl in her pleated mini skirt, crop top, knee-high stockings and mary janes. They got their inspiration from Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. AS IF!!! Those were the days!

The ’90s were a golden age of teen girl fashion, arguably some of the absolute best fashion of all time. It’s positively iconic. We can’t go back in time (though I wish I could) but we can shop the latest revival trends and our nostalgia for the teen girl icons of our childhoods.