Bochelle is a story of two friends with one passion.

     Stacey Bo and Dara Michelle’s friendship began over their love of all things fashion.  As former buyers, trend forcasters, stylists and retail store mangers let’s just say these two have over a decade of being in the throws of the fashion industry.  This love remaining the one constant in their lives even as they embarked on their separate journey’s of love, marriage, and motherhood.  So what if they read vogue at carpool and their Chanel boy bag contained Cheerio’s and baby wipes!   Fashion was in their souls forever and always.  One day as they devoured the latest collections of their favorite designers over soy lattes they reminisced about a time when their bags held a credit card and lip-gloss and when their “daytime” shoes still meant stilettos!

     Stacy & Dara both knew that even though their lives were so fulfilled with the love of their husbands and children something was missing. Their passion for fashion was buried deep down and screaming to come out!  As their children grew, so did their desire to get back into the industry that they had left but never forgot- hence Bochelle was born.

     Bochelle is an online and in home boutique featuring a curated collection of diverse fashion trends from all over the world!  Each piece of our collection is special.  Our mission: To make the world a better place one fashion moment at a time.  Let our hearts style you!